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Ball Screw Repair Service:

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If your business is in an industry where they are responsible for such things as scr or ssr shafts, items used for the production of automobile power steering, city aircraft, or even international missiles, you are likely very familiar with a ball screw and its purpose within these devices. People that are employed to create automated tools, precision equipment or even robots that are used today, use very high ball precision, especially for scr shaft steppers that are used in semi conductor manufacturing. Here is an overview of how ball screws came into being, where they are typically used, and how we can help you with your needs.

The History Of Ballscrews

This all began with the production of screw shafts, which later led to the modern versions of ballscrews that we have today. A ballscrew is simply a metal part which has a screw and a nut, matched together within helical grooves, allowing the balls that are inside to roll within the grooves. Within the assembly, there is a component called a deflector, something that is activated as the screw and the nut begin to rotate. The ball will then travel through what is called the return system, all the way to the opposing end of the ball nut, and then back again within this closed circuit raceway in which multiple balls are circulating at all times. It is within this apparatus that damage can be done, prompting the need for ball screw repair.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ballscrews

The main advantage to using ballscrews is that it will yield the highest possible mechanical efficiency within the devices that it is used. There is a very minimal amount of friction, and as long as leather or rubber bellows are in place to prevent contamination from abrasive particulate matter such as dirt, they should function very well for months or years. One of the main disadvantages to using ballscrews will depend upon what is called the lead angle. This can lead to damage to the apparatus, especially in units such as a servo motor, and this can lead to repair your ballscrews.

How To Find The Best Company For Repairs

The company that you choose should provide reconstruction for a multitude of different machines that these can be used in including CNC machines, a turning center, machining center or even a lathe. They should be familiar with many of the most popular ballscrews manufacturers which includes Barnes, DSP, Korta and Nook. The more familiar that they are with these different types of ballscrews that have been manufactured, this will allow them to not only do the required reconstruction but also a complete ball screw rebuild. The company that you use should also use the best equipment, and should employ highly trained qualified craftsmen that have been doing this for a few decades or more. A simple search on the Internet for ballscrews repair will lead you to several of these companies. Simply look at the information that they have available on the repair process, the types of machines that they used to make the adjustments, and the prices that they charge for their services.

If you need to have your ballscrews repaired in your router, chucker, grinder or even your milling machine, there is always going to be a business that can provide you with the service. It is recommended that you contact several companies right away, get estimates on how much it will cost, and how soon they can make the fix. Repairing ballscrews can save you quite a bit of money, and it may also save you time depending upon how quickly the process can be rendered. Search for these companies today, and you will soon be back in business, regardless of what type of ballscrews you need to have repaired.

NOTE: If you are unaware as to what your problem may be with your industrial equipment of machinery, and you are not sure what a ball screw actually is, I highly recommend you check out Wikipedia’s definition of Ball Screws by going to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ball_screw

Industrial Equipment:

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NOTE: To find out more about the Caterpillar Inc, we reccoomend you check them out on WIcaPedia’s website at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caterpillar_Inc.